Scams focused on puppies

    Washington, DC (ABC) - The Better Business Bureau said it has been flooded with calls about puppy scams during the Coronavirus pandemic.

    The agency fielded hundreds of calls in April alone.

    The scammers try to get people to fall in love with dogs available for adoption online.

    Later those scammed find out there never was a dog or it wasn't actually up for adoption.

    The scammers make their money on trying to tack on additional costs and fees.

    BBB Spokesperson Steve Bernas said once you give them your money they will call you up and state we can't ship them to you unless we have a bigger cage or something to tack on fees and expenses, "Another is having to take them to a veterinarian because they have an eye or health problem."

    The BBB advises consumers to never pay for an animal with a wire payment or gift card.

    They also recommend you purchase the pets from local breeders or see the dog in person before you make the purchase.


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