Scammers claim to be US Marshalls

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Three Juneau residents received phone calls today from scammers who claimed they were lawmen.

    Even the caller ID was fooled as the phone calls appeared to have come from Juneau Police.  The subjects represented themselves as US Marshals and advised the three citizens that due to missing jury duty, there were warrants out for their arrest.

    Of course, like any scam, there was a financial way to avoid arrest.  They urged one of the victims to purchase prepaid cash cards at a local store and relay the code numbers and personal information to them over the phone.  They went on to say if they brought the cards to JPD headquarters they would be reimbursed.

    One person did in fact lose an undisclosed amount of money in the scam today.  JPD encourages people to never give out personal information like this.  They said to consider any unsolicited phone calls very carefully and if asked to do something that appears unreasonable, to immediately hang up and alert authorities.

    Audio from Public Information Officer Erann Kalwara

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