Report: Supreme Court allows Dunleavy recall to go to ballot

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Alaska Supreme Court has agreed to allow the Recall Dunleavy group to have its question put on a statewide ballot if the group succeeds in getting signatures on its petition.

    According to Must Read Alaska, the court said in a filing today that “the conclusions of the superior court’s January 14, 2020 order that are challenged in this appeal are AFFIRMED.” And it said a full explanation would come later.

    Justice Stowers dissented from the ruling in part, “regarding grounds for recall numbered 3(a) (separation of powers) and 4 (mistaken veto), and I therefore dissent in part.”

    The ruling is a victory for the Recall Dunleavy Committee and means they can collect signatures with confidence that their recall question will, in fact, be put before voters.

    They have reportedly collected 34,900 of the 71,252 signatures needed for a recall vote.

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