Report: Becker will run for District 36 seat in Ketchikan

    Leslie Becker has filed a letter of intent to run against Rep. Dan Ortiz.

    Ketchikan, Alaska (KINY) - Leslie Becker, a Ketchikan School Board member and former Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce executive director announced her run for the House in District 36.

    In a story first reported by Must Read Alaska, Becker has filed a letter of intent to run against incumbent Rep. Daniel Ortiz, an Independent legislator who caucuses with Democrats.

    “Alaska is facing a serious budget crisis and without the immediate structural changes necessary to achieve a sustainable budget, the economic viability of Alaska will be at risk, ” Becker said. “The mismanagement of Alaska’s resources has squandered billions in State savings, led to cuts in essential services, such as the Alaska Marine Highway system and resulted in the virtual elimination of the PFD paid to Alaskans. I am motivated to run as your State House District 36th, representative to end the tax disparity imposed upon our communities, to prevent service shifting from the State that will increase local taxes, to protect the PFD and to assure that a sustainable budget includes a “Shared Sacrifice” from all Alaskans.”

    Becker is running as a Republican in what has traditionally been a Republican stronghold.

    Becker and her husband, Dr. Steven Becker, moved to Ketchikan in 2016. She had a 35-year career as a healthcare executive.

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