Rep. Pruitt, House Minority ask governor for emergency task force

    The Alaska State Capitol in Juneau.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - House Minority Leader Lance Pruitt and members of the Alaska House Republican caucus have penned a letter to Gov. Mike Dunleavy requesting that urgent attention continue to be placed on Alaska’s economy.

    Rep. Pruitt says action is needed before more effects of COVID-19 reach Alaska from the lower 48.
    “We are facing a public health threat, yes, but Alaskans are also facing a real economic problem as a result of changes related to COVID-19,” said Rep. Pruitt. “We are not equipped to absorb the impacts of a lost tourist season, or a lost fishing season, or any future disruptions in supply chain. We need to bring our state’s employers and economic drivers to the table now, before we reach the point of disaster, so that plans can be made to mitigate the damage.”
    At present time, Alaska’s public schools are shuttered due to Governor Dunleavy’s emergency declaration, and Anchorage’s bars, restaurants, and entertainment centers are closed due to a similar declaration by Mayor Ethan Berkowitz.
    “We don’t have weeks to wait,” added Rep. Pruitt. “Every day that we fail to protect our economy means the loss of thousands of jobs, and that problem, to me, is just as great, if not greater, than the long-term economic disaster that awaits us if we do not take continued action in protecting our state’s employers and economic drivers.”


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