Rep. Pruitt asks Dunleavy to release PFD early to assist families, economy

    Anchorage, Alaska (KINY) - House Minority Leader Lance Pruitt has sent a letter to Gov. Mike Dunleavy requesting he direct the Alaska Department of Revenue to distribute this year’s PFD payments as soon as legally possible.

    The letter encourages the governor to notify the Permanent Fund Corporation of his intentions as soon as possible in order for resources to be liquidated without significant loss.

    It would also enable the state to get cash into the hands of Alaskans quickly, soon after the federal stimulus payments are delivered.

    “The law gives the Governor and Commissioner of Revenue wide latitude as far as payment of the Permanent Fund Dividend,” said Rep. Pruitt. “Rather than wait until the traditional October date, releasing the funds as early as he legally can after the July 1 effective date, would give immediate critical financial assistance to Alaskan families and also infuse our state’s economy with cash it desperately needs during this difficult time.”

    “Alaskans need assistance and our state is well-equipped to provide it,” added Rep. Pruitt. “While many of our members are dissatisfied with the amount of assistance the legislature chose to provide, every dollar will help Alaskan families during this critical time, and I hope the Governor is receptive to our request.”


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