Rep. Kurka leaves House floor over mask-wearing

    Rep. Christopher Kurka (R). Photo via the Alaska Legislature.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Representative Christopher Kurka, Republican from Wasilla, left the state House floor on Monday, March 15, after refusing to put his mask back on.

    This followed a minutes-long special order that he gave where he questioned the efficacy and safety of mask-wearing, among other things.

    Several other legislators, including Reps. Chris Tuck and Sara Hannan, responded to Rep. Kurka's special order in their own special orders.

    Around this time, Rep. Kurka removed his mask. House Speaker Louise Stutes asked him to put his mask back on. Rep. Kurka then asked if he would be removed from the floor if he didn't put it on, which the speaker confirms. Rep. Kurka left the floor after this interaction.

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