Rep. Eastman fights ethics complaint

    Anchorage, Alaska (KINY) Eastman was accused of disclosing to a reporter the existence of a complaint that was considered confidential

    Eastman testified before the subcommittee of the Select Committee on Legislative Ethics in Anchorage.  The subcommittee in January recommended Eastman lose his seat on the ethics committee for the alleged incident.

    The committee entered into executive session after testimony and did not immediately announce a decision on the appeal.

    Attorney Kevin Fitzgerald told the committee that in April 2017, Eastman shared a letter that indicated another lawmaker had threatened to withhold donations from a political action committee for another legislators campaign because of disagreements over an amendment.

    The Alaska Journal of Commerce reported in January that Eastman had told a reporter that a complaint had been filed against Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux.

    Eastman was previously censured by the house in 2017 over comments he made about abortion.  He later apologized.  The comment suggested there are women in Alaska who try to get pregnant to get a free trip to the city for abortions.


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