Recycle Works seeks to Expand in Juneau

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - Assembly on Monday night spent a long time discussing recycling in Juneau, as Recycle Works are finding it harder to keep up with demand.

    Recycle Works are hoping to move their facilities to better serve the community, as well as increase rates to grow programs.

    We talked to Michele Elfers, Recycle Works Manager for CBJ. She summarized their situation,

    "We came to the Assembly after about a year of meetings, public meetings and assembly and sub-committee meetings, about our Recycle Works program. We have been seeing an increase in cost over the past few years and so our current user fees are not adequate to pay for the program in the long-term."

    "We also had some ideas about relocating our program to new property, because the Alaska Brewing Company desires to purchase our properties to expand, which as a community we generally think in a city that's a good idea. So we came to the Assembly, we asked the Assembly to consider increasing user rates that would allow us to maintain our services and grow some of our programs like recycling and start a composting program. We also asked for the City Manager to be able to negotiate with the Alaskan Brewing Company and with a private landowner for the desired piece of property that we would like to move our programs to."

    We also asked about the popularity of those programs and what the future of recycling could look like in Juneau

    "Currently, as a municipality, we don't have a composting program, so we would be starting that in the next few years. There's a lot of desire in the coming to do that. We’ve heard a lot of interest and that's a really great recycling type of program, because it's local recycling and local processing and we keep it here in town and we divert from the landfill."

    "In terms of growth of our recycling program like our cardboard and our paper and our aluminum, we've seen through our drop boxes that we have stationed around town collecting materials that they're really popular and people want more and we haven't been able to provide what people want, because of budgetary and facility capacity issues."

    The main goal of Recycle Works is to divert as much waste as possible from the landfill. Selling the property currently holding Recycle Works would also give the Alaskan Brewing Company the chance to expand their facilities and is something they have asked about buying for years.



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