Public Health Unit offers tips to fight COVID-19

    (L-R) Sarah Hargrave and Tom Mattice, CBJ Emergency Programs Manager.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Southeast Alaska Regional Nurse Manager Sarah Hargrave told a crowd at DZ Middle School that prevention is the key.

    The Public Health Unit does have free services available, "We have free flu shots.  Just call ahead and we will set up an appointment.  The pneumonia shot, if you are older, you should ask your doctor about that as well."

    Some communities in the nation have started drive-thru testing for the virus.  Hargrave said that is being considered in Juneau but won't start immediately, "Not right now. That is part of the plan other communities are doing.  We are discussing if that is a good option for Juneau if people become symptomatic.  It is something we are discussing."

    Hargrave also responded to a concern that not enough people are getting tested in Juneau.  She said the health care industry is doing a good job with tests, "I think our providers are excellent.  They are very vigilant of testing people that are expressing symptoms of concern."

    Hargrave said the case in Anchorage was not a surprise and she predicted more cases across Alaska.

    "If we keep doing the basics of hand hygiene, social distancing, wiping off tables and commonly touched surfaces, we will lower the transmission and lower the number of cases," she added.





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