Projection calls for 17,000 more jobs in Alaska by 2026

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The October edition of Alaska Economic Trends features articles on industry and occupation projections for the years 2016 to 2026.

    Economist Paul Martz in the Research and Analysis Unit of the State Department of Labor and Workforce Development penned the articles.  He foresees job growth for Alaska.  "The total number of new jobs will be right around 17,000 through 2026," he said.

    So that means Alaska's longest recession will end at some point when the state starts gaining jobs again.

     Unit Chief Dan Robinson was asked for his prognosis on Action Line Tuesday.  At one time he said October. Now he says the recession will end in  December, or maybe January.    It's odd, he said.  "Its looked like a few times we were about ready to start growing again, but there's no oomph there.  The second quarter data was a little more negative then the first quarter and that surprised us."

    August was the 35th consecutive month Alaska has recorded job losses making for the state's longest recession ever.

    Alaska ranks 49th among the states for job growth just barely edging Vermont.  It ranks 50th for job growth in the private sector, but 17th in Federal job growth which Robinson says it part of a nationwide trend.

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