Pools show Path of Success at Chamber of Commerce

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - What is the future of the CBJ Aquatics Board and the pools in Juneau?

    The Board will meet with the Assembly on March 14th to decide the future.

    One option is having a non-profit operate the two pools with one group being the YMCA of Anchorage.

    We chatted with Board member Max Mertz, who spoke at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon about the state of the pools, as well as an upcoming event.

    Mertz says visits to the pool are up by 24,000 since the board was created in 2014.  

    “Since the Board was formed, our visitation is up significantly at the pool, which were really happy about, for probably close to 30% in the last 3 years. Our cost recovery has improved by about 3% or 4%, which means that the support from the city is less and we’re obviously very happy about that too.”

    “You know a lot of this is because of the really great staff. Kirk Duncan is our executive director and Julie Jackson is our pool manager; they do a great job, they work very hard, and they're the ones that have really been producing this result.”

    The pools cost about $2 million to operate this year. There will be a state championship event this weekend. Mertz explained that event.

    “We have about 300 kids coming in from out of town, plus another 200 or so coaches and parents we’re expecting so about 500 folks.”

    “Swimming is pretty much all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This is called the Alaska Age Group Champs; it's the kids that are 14-years-old and younger, their big Championship meet of the year.”

    “We're looking forward to it and pretty much goes all day and it's free to come watch the kids swim if you want.”

    The CBJ Aquatics Board sunsets in May.




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