Police work to get drugs

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Unwanted and unused prescription pills were the target of a drug take back effort.

    The Juneau police department was the local drop off point.  US Attorney Bryan Schroder said the drug take-back effort really works

    The Drug Enforcement Agency collected over two tons of unwanted prescription drugs in a similar effort last spring.

    Opioids are one of the state's biggest problems.

    Schroder applauded the job that law enforcement is doing, "We are working very hard.  All of the arrests and seizures are up from last year.  We are doing a pretty good job from the law enforcement piece."

    Schroder praised the job the state has done with trying to stop the flow of drugs here.  He mentioned drug interdiction efforts on the Marine highway system, "The Coast Guard and the investigative service has done a significant amount of work on the ferries to make sure we interdict anything coming up that way," he added.

    "Folks in state, local and federal agencies are doing a good job with other programs.  We aren't going to arrest our way out of this.  There needs to be prevention and there need to be treatment options," he added.

    Schroder wanted to thanks his office in Juneau for their efforts.  He said a task force has worked on prevention and treatment.

    Schroder said the drug take-backs are very helpful in getting pills out of circulation.  He said the opioid problem is one of the top priorities of the US Justice Department.







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