Police preparing for start of school in Juneau

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Juneau Police Department is bracing for the start of school Monday.

    School Resource Officer John Cryderman was asked on Action Line Wednesday how he is preparing.  He said with only one school resource officer this year he's aiming initially to get in contact with teachers.  The big thing  he said is to get rolling on the  continuation of the DARE program since  there could be a potential for about 20 different classes.

    Lieutenant Scott Erickson, the department's administrative officer and Officer Cryderman's supervisor was asked about hiring a replacement for Blaine Hatch who retired after the last school year.  He said once they hire more officers they can look at adding additional officers for the schools.  The lieutenant said the key to that right now is the department's recruitment effort.

    The original plan was to have three officers in the schools.  The lieutenant said three two high schools, two middle schools and six grade schools having three officers is definitely beneficial.


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