Platypus Mini-Con this weekend was a success, but the big convention will be coming this fall

    Warren can be seen wearing his platypus gaming merch and hat while families play games Sunday (Photo credit to Jasz Garrett/KINY )

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Platypus Mini-Con was held at Mendenhall Valley Library and the Douglas Public Library over this weekend.

    Saturday was held at the Douglas Library and Sunday at the Mendenhall Valley Library.

    Usually, there is one event per year, this last weekend of January. Since Centennial Hall is closed for renovations, the Board of Platypus Gaming decided to host a mini-con at the libraries instead. In September, they will host their Platypus Con at Centennial Hall.

    The President and Founder of Platypus Gaming, Joshua Warren, talked with News of the North Sunday about how the weekend's events unfolded, and what to expect next.

    "We wanted to mix it up and have it at both so people could easily come play games. We have had people come to both, which is pretty exciting. Probably the biggest game at the library we've had. This is just sort of a mini representation of it. September 8 through 10 this year and then we're hoping to get back to normal days in 2024. The library is three hours because that's essentially when they're open. When we're in Centennial Hall on Fridays we open at 6pm and we go till 2am. On Saturday we open at 10am and go to 2am. And then on Sunday we open at 10am and go till 6pm. Our peak year, the year before COVID, I think we had about 350. So between three and 400 people."

    Warren said they have a variety of games available, and no experience is needed to play.

    "We try to keep it at around 2,000 games in our library. So any age group. You want to play a complicated game, we have complicated games if you want to play a game that I can teach you in 30 seconds, we have those too. There are more games than just those. There's a lot of fun ones. We've definitely had people come in with no experience, and we're always happy. We can ask them essentially what they like doing. We can try to find a game that mirrors what they enjoy doing, whether it be like dudes fighting on a map, or maybe they always enjoyed playing cribbage as a kid, but I've loved seeing the support for a local nonprofit. So it's been great playing games and I always like seeing people really enjoy and socializing over a game." 

    This weekend's event was free. This fall's convention will be ticketed.

    "It's just for offsetting the cost of renting the hall because none of the staff is paid. It winds up being about $30 per person for the weekend, a little bit cheaper for a day ticket. If you follow us on our website, generally we have a pre-sale before we advertise it for like $5 off. Start paying attention in July, tickets will be on sale for a discount."

    Volunteers are needed, especially people who'd like to teach others how to play games. Platypus Gaming is a non-profit organization. Warren said usually he has about 30 staff helping with ticketing, concessions, and teaching, but they need as many volunteers as they can get. If interested in volunteering, go to the website and fill out the contact form.

    Above: Kate Enge, Warren's wife, learns how to play a new game.

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