Penney contract leads to questioning before House Subcommittee

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority CEO Tom Boutin said he approved the sole-source contract for Clark Penney, the grandson of a wealthy donor of Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

    Boutin said his name is on the contract and he made the decision.

    "I certainly was not directed to do so by the governor.  I've never talked with the governor about either Clark Penney or the Penney Services contract, not once, not ever."

    Penney is helping to bring new investment and encourage business growth in the state.

    Rep. Zack Fields wanted to know if the contract was motivated by Penney's political connections or his grandfather's $300,000 contribution to the governor's campaign in 2018.

    Rep. Colleen Sullivan-Leonard objected to the barrage of questions on one subject, "This is getting into political theatre and it is something I don't appreciate.  We have work to do at this committee and I'm here to work.  This is not a Clark Penney committee.  Can we move forward please?"

    Boutin said he felt Penney had done very useful work for the state.

    Fields said he felt the line of questioning was appropriate, "We tried to have Mr. Boutin before the House State Affairs Committee.  I think it matters to the public when we're talking about a contract of nearly $500,000."






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