Paulo Bahulano Earns Title of "Best Speller in the District."

    The Eighth Grader wins spelling bee at Glacier Valley

    On Monday, Juneau students gathered at Glacier Valley Elementary to compete in a Spelling Bee. Grades 3-8 were represented, and to qualify for the district level bee, students had to win a spelling bee in their classroom. The winner and second place of Monday’s bee qualified to go to the state competition in Anchorage, and 1st place will have their travel paid for. Paolo Bahulano, an eighth grader from Montessori was declared champion after 6 rounds. 3rd Grader Ibrahima Diouf was the runner up.

    Kim Frangos, 4th Grade Teacher and Spelling Bee coordinator said "They were more interested in practicing these words than any other spelling list I've given em, so I think they like the competition and the fact that it's like a game. It's an opportunity to practice professional skills because they have to stand up in front of the audience and spell the words out loud, as opposed to something that their doing privately at their desk."

    She added "It's really fun to see the kids excited about spelling words and coming out to compete. They had a lot of support from families, teachers, and I'm glad it all turned out really well tonight."



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