Parish still sees possibility of Dodge win in Fairbanks House race

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Outgoing Juneau Representative Justin Parish believes the Democratically dominated majority he served with in the 30th Alaska Legislature could continue in some form depending on the outcome of the House District One race in Fairbanks.

    With the election certified, Democrat Kathryn Dodge is losing that race to Republican Baron LeBon by just one vote, but Parish doesn't believe its over yet with a court challenge still possibly in the offing.  "If Ms. Dodge is able to prevail at the eleventh hour, then it will be 20 - 20.  There won't be a clear cut majority on either side."  He figures Dodge will be looking at all of her legal options.

    If the Republicans prevail in organizing a majority, Parish was asked what advice he would offer incoming Juneau representatives Sara Hannan and Andi Story, both Democrats, in throwing in with the Republicans.  "I think they should think very carefully.  Depending on the rules if its a binding caucus, then they would be expected to vote for a a budget which would likely cut dozens if not hundreds of Juneau jobs.  And that's a pretty heavy lift for any Juneau representative."

    Parish thinks if the new representatives want to gain a concession for a road this would be an excellent  time to push for it if you're a pro-road person. "However, I don't think we can sacrifice the core of Juneau's economy and I don't think we can shirk our responsibilities to the rest of the region in helping to maintain a robust marine highway."

    Parish made his remarks while a guest on Acton Line

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