NOAA issues fisheries of the United States report

    Washington, DC (KINY) Fishing and seafood consumption increased in 2017.

    Fisherman caught 9 point 9 billion pounds of fish and shellfish.  The US imported 5.9 billion pounds of seafood.  That is an increase of two-percent

    Salmon continued to bring the highest value at $688 million.  Alaska Pollock was worth $413 million. Pollock nearly set a record for landings at 3.4 billion pounds in 2017.

    Alaska's Dutch Harbor led the nation in seafood landings for the 21st consecutive year at 769 million pounds.  The catch valued at  $173 million.

    Ned Cyr, Director of the NOAA Fisheries Office of Science and Technology, said the report emphasizes the value of fishing in the country.

    Alaska had the top three ports with Dutch Harbor at 769 million pounds, The Aleutian Islands at 552 million and Kodiak at 320 million.

    In Southeast Alaska, Ketchikan had an increase from 65 to 77 million in seafood commercial landings.  Petersburg saw an increase from 41 to 65 million.  Juneau saw an increase from 16 to 18 million.

    In value, Sitka saw an increase from $55 to $77 million.  Petersburg commercial fishing values rose from $37 to $52 million.  Ketchikan saw an increase from $36 to $46 million.  Juneau saw an increase from $23 to $28 million.

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