No more special sessions this year

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The special session of the legislature will limp home this morning when the House will recess for the year.

    The Senate recessed Saturday after a brief session attended by only two Senators, Dennis Egan of Juneau and the Senate President Pete Kelly.

    The session resulted in a new crime bill but no substantial movement in the Senate on the state fiscal plan.

    Governor Bill Walker said he will not call the legislature back into session again this year.  He said he plans to sign the crime bill despite threats from the American Civil Liberties Union to challenge some of its stipulations in court.

    Walker had proposed a payroll tax this fall but the Senate had little to no interest in pursuit of the idea.

    The proposed state budget is still being worked on and the Governor is yet to commit on how he will fund the budget.  He is required by law to submit the budget by December 15th.  The state has been using their savings account to balance the budget in recent years.

    The 2018 session of the legislature is slated to begin on January 16.



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