No alcohol at Eaglecrest

    Kenai, Alaska (KINY) The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board turned down an application for a new liquor license applied for by South of the Bridge, LLC for the Eaglecrest Ski Resort.

    The new recreational site license application was reviewed by the Board during a regular meeting held Monday on the Kenai Peninsula.

    Director Erika McConnell told the board that the application did not appear to meet the statutory requirements of this license type.  She wrote the holder of a recreational site license may sell beer and wine at a recreational site during and one hour before and after a recreational event that is not a school event, for consumption on designated areas at the site.  The recreational site includes baseball games, car races, hockey games, dog sled races, or curling matches under state law.  

    McConnell said Eaglcrest does not appear to fit the statutory requirements, "There is no event associated with a ski resort.  The activities begin and end at opening and closing times set by the business owners related to daylight and not relating to any event.  Their statement notes that they will stop serving approximately one hour after the recreational site closes for daily operations, not one hour after the end of the recreation event as required by statute.

    She went on to report that skiing does not share the attributes of the list of examples mentioned in statute.  There are no starting or ending times associated with the event, and if there are competitive events such as ski races, they happen infrequently.  This is very different from, a recreational site such as Mulcahy Stadium which only serves alcohol one hour before and during Alaska Baseball League games.

    Eaglecrest requested to serve beer and wine from Thursday to Monday between 11 am to 5 pm.  During daylight savings time the hours requested were between 11 am and 4:30 pm.

    The application stated Eaglecrest hosts various, competitive sporting events, and the type of competitive winter snow sports activities and daily operations held at Eaglecrest qualify us for a recreational site license.

    The bar would have been known as The Old Tower Bar at Eaglecrest.  The operator, now doing business as Louie's Douglas Inn, provided a security plan for the state that would require one entrance to the bar.  All employees hired would be required to have three years of experience in the alcohol service industry.

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