New poll show most Alaskans didn't like PFD cut

    Anchorage, Alaska (KINY) The poll was paid for by the AFL-CIO union.

    The poll found 43 percent opposed the cut, 28 percent opposed bud understood and 23 percent supported the PFD cuts.  This year the check was cut from $2,600 to $1,600 per resident.

    The Harstad Strategic Research group conducted the poll.  They also did a recent poll in the Governor's race that showed 32 percent supported Mike Dunleavy, 28 percent Mark Begish and 28 percent Governor Bill Walker.

    The AFL-CIO is expected to decide who to endorse at the convention in Fairbanks on August 23.  They have endorsed Governor Walker and Begish in previous races.

    51 percent of Alaskans said they believe the recent cuts to the permanent fund dividend were necessary.

    Dunleavy said he believes the Permanent Fund Dividend belongs to the people of Alaska and has made the full dividend a key campaign issue.

    Walker’s campaign said he supports the Permanent Fund Protection Act that the Legislature passed this year. It called for this year's dividend to be cut to about $1,600.

    Begich said he supports the Permanent Fund Protection Act and would constitutionally protect the dividend  He also supported dedicating funds for K-12 education. Both would need approval by Alaskan voters.

    President of the Alaska AFL-CIO Vince Beltrami says he thinks the poll results are valid, "When you add up the two of giving permission or supporting the idea, it was a majority.  If you look at social media you may come to a different conclusion.  Most people when they rationally look at our government, the size of it, funding and reductions made, they realize you have to figure out a way to pay for it."

    Beltrami said some people hate it and object, others say absolutely use it, we don't have to pay taxes, and the middle answer is we may not like it, but we understand the need to do it.

    He said another poll is due to be released in mid August and that could have a bearing on their endorsement in the race for Governor.

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