New City hall supported but not right now

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - A survey of Juneau residents found 53% support building a new city hall but 60% said now is not the right time.

    The survey on our website had 423 responses so far.  The questions in the survey include ideas on what the top three priorities for the CBJ should be.

    The respondents also don't like the proposed location of a new city hall on top of the Main Street Parking garage.  65-percent were opposed to that option.

    The desired location is the vacant Wal-Mart building in Lemon Creek.  The Lemon Creek area was the second choice followed by a location in the Mendenhall Valley.

    Using a repurposed school, the Bill Ray Center, the Willoughby District, the subport property, and Centennial Hall were other options.


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