Nankervis: Crime top issue for District 34 voters

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - House District 34 candidate Jerry Nankervis talked about the top concern he's hearing from people as he goes door to door while a guest on Action Line Monday.

    "Crime is at the top of the list right now," he says.    "I would say that if you would have gone around a year ago it would have been the budget.  This year its crime, is the hot topic and they want something to happen.  They want to have their stuff, all their property, to quit being stolen by the same few people over and over again."

    People are telling him that the crooks need to be held accountable. Nankervis says its the same group of people committing these crimes. He adds that the consequences are minimal.

    The last Legislature strengthened the state's crime laws, but Nankervis says, "I would say more work still needs to be done."

    Juneau's drug problem is  helping to fuel the increased rate of crime.  The former Juneau Police captain doesn't believe sending people to rehabilitation every time they're caught for a crime is the answer.  Give then a chance, he says, and if rehab isn't working and they're not ready to quit, it makes no sense to go down that same route every time.

    The Republican is vying for the House 34 seat with Democrat Andi Story.  The former school board member will be a guest on Action Line Tuesday.  The district includes the Mendenhall Valley and points out the road.



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