Murkowski sends message to Alaskans over COVID-19

    U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski.

    Washington, DC (KINY) - U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski urged Alaskans to pay attention to the latest health advisories and guidance as the state responds to the novel coronavirus.

    Murkowski said in one form or another, every Alaskan will be impacted by the virus, "This not only touches the major airlines and cruise lines, but it also touches the everyday Alaskan, where they are and where they live."

    She said small business owners are worried about having customers.  She said small restaurant owners have to worry if they will be allowed to stay open for business.

    Senator Murkowski recently voted in favor of an emergency supplemental funding package.

    It was called the Coronavirus Preparedness and response supplemental appropriations Act.

    It totals $8.3 billion.

    The bill is focused on helping the health care industry response to the illness.

    The President today proposed an $850 billion aid package for the nation.

    Murkowski said she wants the stimulus package to help all Alaskans, "The work is continuing.  We are working on a stimulus proposal.  We see the economic consequences.  We are working together as republicans and democrats and the administration, our governors and states, to ensure that this economic impact from this outbreak is one that is responsive to the needs.  Not just the needs of big industry but responsive to the needs of individuals as they face this disruption in their lives."

    Murkowski said all Alaskans need to work together and help one another.



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