Murkowski proposes deep water ports in Arctic

    Washington, DC (KINY) Private and foreign ships could help fill the demand for icebreaking in the Arctic

    Alaska Public Media reports the system would be similar to Uber where a commercial ship would call for support from an ice breaker to cross Arctic waters.

    Alaska and northern countries would collaborate to create an Arctic pathway paid for by commerce fees.  Commercial ships are expected to use across the top routes more often beyond Russia, which currently controls many shipping lanes in the region.

    The construction and funding of new icebreakers have been supported by Congress.  The votes though were held up by the partial government shutdown and also by the debate over border security and a border wall.

    Senator Lisa Murkowski on the Senate floor proposed the need for more deepwater ports, "Not just one port but a system of Arctic ports — ports of refuge for ships in trouble and ports to send, receive and transship goods and people."

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