Moms rally against guns

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) A "Day of Action" rally was held this morning on the steps of the Alaska Capital.

    Moms across the state rallied to demand passage of a bill that the National Rifle Association has come out against, house bill 75.

    The NRA made a statement on the bill Tuesday in opposition to the measure that would allow authorities to seize firearms from someone judged to be a danger to themselves or to others.

    Anchorage Rep. Geran Tarr introduced the measure last year.  This was in response to a mass shooting at a Fort Lauderdale, Florida airport.  An Alaska man was arrested for the crime.  He had a history of mental illness.

    House Judiciary Committee Chairman Matt Claman said he has not given up on the bill.  He said he has been working with NRA lobbyists trying to find common ground.  The Finance Committee has a number of members that are supported by the NRA.   Claman made some changes to the bill that require only police, and not family members, to start the process to remove guns from a person's home or residence.



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