Medical experts provide tips on wearing masks in public

    Washington, DC (ABC) - The CDC and the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services both recommend you wear masks if you go out in public.

    ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton said the masks do not have to be sterile.  "You're not performing surgery.  You are just trying to form a barrier between your exhalation, stopping those viral particles from getting out there in the environment.  So don't overthink it."

    Dr. Ashton said if possible put one on your child when they go to public places, "The CDC recommends not putting these masks on toddlers under the age of two.  We do think that children can be infected, just not show symptoms and therefore transmit the virus to others.  If they're old enough to wear a little bandana or scarf, putting on a mask might be a good idea.

    Dr. Ashton said the lower half of your face has to be covered for the mask to be effective.  It must cover your nose and your mouth.




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