Mayor Koelsch recommends caution on armed teachers

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau Mayor Ken Koelsch counsels caution before proceeding with the arming of school teachers as suggested by President Trump.

     "I would go cautious on that,"  he said.  The mayor explained he carried a gun for almost 20 years when he worked for the U. S. Customs Service in Juneau.  "You have to take that extremely seriously.  Lots of training, lots of activation and I would go slow on that one."  He doesn't know if such a proposal should proceed, but knows he wouldn't jump in and arm every teacher.

    The former school teacher was asked  on Action Line Frida what he believes is the solution.  "I guess spotting the kids that need the help is part of the solution and then dealing with them and getting them to the right location."  Koelsch added that as a classroom teacher you would know some kids that are in need of more help than you can give them during the instruction time.

    The Juneau Police Department currently assigns two officers in the schools.  When asked if the Assembly would be interested in funding additional officers in the schools the mayor said, "Always."  

    The mayor added that  the Assembly would be able to commit additional funding to the district for that purpose outside of the local cap mandated by the state.

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