Mayor appeals for road funding

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Juneau Mayor Ken Koelsch requested the Alaska Senate Finance Committee put over $21 million in the state budget for the Juneau Access Road.

    Ken Koelsch said it would bring new markets and new revenues and transform Juneau's Capital City, "The City and Borough of Juneau asks for your support for full funding for Juneau Access and provide us hope that in the next few years we can move forward together to build the road."

    Koelsch said the road would connect Juneau to new markets for their fishing industry, natural resources and manufactured products, as well as new recreational opportunities and the rest of the country.

    It would also create over 500 new jobs something that will help relieve the sting of the loss of state government jobs from Juneau in recent years.

    Murray Walsh said it would be environmentally friendly with cleaner air.  He said it would also help people with low incomes, "Its the one benefit that don't get talked about enough.  Some aren't wealthy enough to fly around on airplanes. There are a lot of people that have to pay for their own transportation and a road is the best option for them."






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