Mayor agrees requirement for Assembly resignation when running for mayor needs to change

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau Mayor Ken Koelsch was asked about the current requirement that calls on Assembly members who run for mayor to resign while a guest on Action Line Friday.

    "It is a weird situation," the Mayor said.

    Beth Weldon and Norman Gregory were forced to resign after announcing their candidacies for mayor.   That left just seven on the assembly when five votes are necessary to approve measures.

    Host Pete Carran asked the mayor what happens if all nine members decide to run for mayor at the same time or if there wasn't enough members left to garner the necessary quorum to conduct business.  There is a provision in current code for the Assembly to appoint a member or members

    The mayor agreed with Carran's characterization of the situation as "goofy."  "We need to take a look at that and hopefully in the future come up with a better solution."  The mayor pointed out that there  are several people on the Assembly running for other offices and who able to maintain their seats.

    CBJ Clerk Beth McEwen told us there is a provision in current code for the Assembly to immediately appoint a member or members in the event the number falls below the number needed for a quorum.

    It would take a charter amendment to change the requirement, but its too late to place such a change on this October's ballot.

    The impact of the reduced number of members was evidenced this week when some propositions for placement on the election ballot failed to gain approval even though they won four of the seven votes, one short of the necessary number for passage.



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