Master plan for small cruise ship infrastructure to highlight Docks and Harbors Board meeting

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Small Cruise Ship Infrastructure Master Plan will be presented to the CBJ Docks and Harbors Board of Directors at Thursday evening's meeting.

    Port Director Carl Uchytil says the contractor. PND Engineers will make the presentation.  He said it's expected that a preferred downtown site will be recommended to the board.

    Downtown sites include at the Little Rock Dump, Douglas Harbor, along the Subport Dock, and along the area known as the Seadrome Dock.   Uchytil said the cruise ship companies did not want to locate at Auke Bay.

    A contract for a cruise ship dock electrification study is up for approval.  Its recommended that the contract to Haight and Associates. It's anticipated that the study will be completed next April.

    The board will be asked to accept a Clean Vessel Act grant administered by the State Fish and Game Department.  The $75,000 grant will help finance the installation of sewage pump-out facilities at Harris and Statter Harbors.
    A separate action item calls for appropriating $90,000 to complete that work.

    The board will be asked to lower the amount of permit fees in two cases.  The application fee for a loading zone permit would be reduced to five dollars for the remainder of the season and operators wanted to secure a passenger for hire permit would pay just $100.

    The Docks and Harbors Board meeting is scheduled to convene at 5 p.m.

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