Marijuana revenues exceed expectations

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The Alaska Department of Revenue reports over $11 million was received in marijuana taxes in the past year.

    The numbers exceed projections by almost $2 million.  Last year the state collected $1.7 million from these taxes.

    KTUU TV News reported June was the best month with $1.2 million.  The Department of Revenue expects July to break that record.

    Half of this revenue is dedicated for the Recidivism Reduction Fund.  This supports programs to reduce relapses into criminal behavior.  It includes the Department of Corrections substance abuse treatment programs and community residential centers.

    The Marijuana Control Board has discussed changes in the way marijuana is taxed in the state.  Currently, marijuana buds and flowers are taxed at $50 per ounce.  The rest of the plant is taxed at $15 per ounce.

    Some marijuana related businesses have complained they can't make a profit under the current climate.



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