Marijuana board to discuss taxes

    Anchorage, Alaska (KINY) A marijuana tax of $800 per pound is too high for businesses to survive according to marijuana business owners.

    Growers said the tax squeezes profit margins.  Some said it hurts the consumer because it raises the prices.

    The state bases the tax on volume, the only state with legal marijuana to use that method.

    The State Marijuana Control Board meets today in Anchorage and plans to discuss tax and supply issues with state officials.

    The state also taxes alcohol and cigarettes by volume.  The Walker Administration has not taken a position on the marijuana tax issue.

    Currently the tax is $50 per ounce on the marijuana plant's bud and flower and $15 an ounce for the remainder of the plant.  It is paid by growers.  It is imposed when the marijuana is taken from a grow facility to a retail shop or manufacturing facility.



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