Mallot on road all the way to Skagway, "We would be all over it."

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott defended Governor Bill Walker's choice of the no build alternative in the Juneau Access EIS while indicating they would support a hard link.

    Mallott said on Action Line Wednesday that the Governor and he both support surface transportation into Juneau.  But they don't like the proposal calling for a road ending at a ferry terminal at the Katzehin River that  requires two ferries in order to accommodate access to both Haines and Skagway.   "That's something that really troubles us," he said.  "It's almost a three quarter of a billion dollar project."  Mallott  added that they think they need to continue to look at how best to create surface transportation to Juneau.

    When asked if a road went all the way to Skagway, Mallott said, "If a road went all the way to Skagway, we would be all over it."  He pointed out though that the National Park Service in the EIS process indicated it has a strong policy of not allowing across their lands.  "That is the problem with going to Skagway," he said.  

    The Legislature in the last session restored most of the funding stripped from the Juneau Access Project last year.

    Governor Walker signed off on that decision when reviewing the budget document.

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