Maine governor signs warrant for man in Alaska cold case

    LEWISTON, Maine (AP) — Maine Gov. Janet Mills has signed a warrant allowing a man wanted in Alaska to face charges there that he sexually assaulted and killed a woman more than two decades ago.

    A judge Wednesday gave Steven Downs, 44, of Auburn, a week to decide whether to challenge the warrant. The Sun-Journal reported his lawyer said Downs is likely to waive his right to fight extradition.

    Downs is charged with the assault and murder of Sophie Sergie, 20,  at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 1993, when Downs was a student and Sergie was a former student. He's denied involvement in the crime.

    The case went unsolved for years before DNA evidence led to Downs' arrest in February. Since then, he's been held without bail on a fugitive from justice charge.

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