Mailed Drugs Valued at $200,000 Seized by Authorities

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - Juneau Police was able to help State Troopers, US Postal Inspectors, and other Federal agencies with keeping $200k worth of drugs from getting into Juneau.

    On August 10th, almost three pounds of methamphetamine, over five ounces of heroin, and an ounce of cocaine were seized by authorities. The drugs had been found in a package that was addressed to a Juneau residence. The package was flagged as being suspicious and was brought to police where K-9 Buddy confirmed the presence of narcotics.

    Most of the drugs were removed from the package and then delivered to the addressed. That package was delivered to 28-year-old Chantel Epstein in an apartment in the 1000 block of Salmon Creek Lane.

    The package was then tracked as it was taken downtown to a hotel room in the 100 block of North Franklin Street. Law enforcement intervened on the drop off where they contacted Epstein and 42-year-old California resident Kevin Leonard. Firearms were also found in the hotel room.

    Both men were arrested on charges of federal drug conspiracy and were transported to the Lemon Creek Correctional Center.

    Lt. Krag Campbell told us that keeping drugs off the streets is always a victory.

    "Anytime that drugs are seized is a great thing because across the country there has been an opioid epidemic. Drugs are causing a lot of problems in a lot of communities. Anytime we can drugs off the streets is going to be a win for us, but also for the community."

    This isn't the first time we've seen drugs sent through the mail. Campbell says that drugs travel just as people would.

    "Because Juneau is kind of an isolated area, there are a variety of ways that drugs can be shipped here either through the mail, airport, ferry, any way that a person could travel, drugs could travel that same way."

    Campbell also said that K-9 Buddy did a great job.

    "Buddy is specifically a drug dog with a focus on narcotics; he doesn't do anything else. He is a great tool to be able to seize drugs."

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