Lieutenant Governor opposes move of legislative sessions to Anchorage

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Governor Mike Dunleavy said during the campaign that he would oppose any attempt to move the state capital from Juneau.

    But what about attempts to move legislative sessions? There's already a measure introduced in this legislative session to relocate sessions to the Legislative Information Office in Anchorage.

    Lieutenant Governor Kevin Meyer was asked about the Governor's position during a pre-recorded Action Line program that will air Tuesday.  "I don't know that the Governor has ever gone on record on that, on the legislative process."  At that point, program host Pete Carran said that' why he was asking.

    Meyer responded by saying he could provide his answer, although he can't speak for the governor.  "I've been coming down here for nineteen years and this is where are capital is and this is where I believe our legislative sessions should be held."

    Meyer is from Anchorage and said  it would certainly be more convenient for him.  He added that he's looked at the possibility, but here's a lot of hidden costs that people aren't thinking about or haven't figured in.

    In addition, the Lieutenant Governor said the state has a big investment in the capital.  We've invested a lot of money in the capital and we're set up.  Also now with Gavel To Gavel and telecommunications we're able to broadcast  more statewide than maybe we would have the last time this issue came up."

    The  Action  Line program with the Lieutenant Governor airs this coming Tuesday, January 22 beginning at 10:35 a.m.

    During the Juneau Chamber of Commerce Gubernatorial Debate held last September the candidates were asked what they would do to preserve Juneau as the seat of state government and protect it from attempts to move the capital, legislative sessions, or jobs out of Juneau, 

    In his response, Dunleavy said he would have no intention to support a capital move.   He did not address the questions of moving legislative sessions or the migration of state jobs from the capital.

    Dunleavy did address the matter of legislative sessions during an Action Line interview prior to election day.    He said legislative sessions would remain in Juneau but conditioned the statement when it came to special sessions or committee meetings.  He said if lawmakers wish to do that on a temporary basis that would be their decision.



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