Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate talks about campaign on Action Line

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party was scheduled to begin a campaign trip starting with a stop in Juneau today (Friday), but the death of Jo Jorgensen's mother has altered her plans.

    Jorgensen was scheduled to be  guest on Action Line.  Her running mate, Jeremy "Spike" Cohen", filled in for her on today's broadcast.  He explained whey Alaska is important to the Libertarian Party even though it only has three electoral votes.  "Alaska in so many ways represents kind of a return to the roots of the rugged individualism that America was founded on..."

    Cohen added that Alaska is much more than the sum of its electoral votes.  "It is the sum of the hopes and the dreams of all of the people that live  there and that's true of all the places that we visited across the U. S."

    The federal government owns most of Alaska's lands.   He was asked what what a Jorgensen - Cohen Administration would do about that.   He responded by saying a lot of that would end.  "The thing is if you look at what the Constitution says it has a very limited list of things that the federal government should be owning in the first place."   Cohen it should limited to government buildings, bases and Washington, D. C. and the government buildings there.  He addend that the Constitution doesn't say anything about owning land in Alaska.

    And Cohen said under their administration Alaska would be given the right to manage subsistence hunting and fishing.


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