Let Us Pour the Booze - Public speaks on Distilleries

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - A house committee took over three hours of testimony over whether or not distillery employees should be legally allowed to pour liquor into a glass.

    Distilleries from around Alaska encouraged the Alaska house community and regional affairs committee to
    allow their employees to serve cocktails.  Currently the patrons can pour the liquor into the glass, but not distillery employees.

    Maura Sevelak of Amalga Distilleries in Juneau, said they have been good for the economy.  She noted they also showcase the best of Alaska products, "Alaska distilleries offer a showcase for local ingredients and flavors through our tasting rooms.  From berries, to spruce tips, to greens grown in the Matsu and Delta Junction, our guests get to taste Alaska."

    The committee heard from 24 witnesses on Saturday about a bill that would allow employees to serve the alcohol.  The vast majority of the speakers, spoke in favor of the new law.

    No action was taken.  The committee will meet again on Thursday.


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