Legislators file bills on PFD, sex assault

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The state of Alaska would be barred from paying for gender confirmation surgery or related drug therapy for state workers and others under a bill introduced ahead of the legislative session.

    Republican Rep. George Rauscher's proposal was among more than 40 bills and proposed constitutional amendments released Monday. The session starts Jan. 15.

    The state was sued for discrimination last year by a transgender legislative librarian who says she was denied coverage for medically necessary surgical treatments. The case is still pending.

    One of her attorneys, Peter Renn, calls Rauscher's bill dangerous.

    Senator Pete Micciche filed a bill to eliminate the Schneider loopholes.

    Justin Schneider avoided jail time for strangling a native woman  to the point of unconsciousness and ejaculating on her

    The bill would make any unwanted contact with semen a sex crime requiring perpetrators to register as sex offenders

    It would make strangulation of this nature  a first-degree assault with a penalty of up to 20 years

    and eliminate any gain time spent on electronic monitoring.

    State Senator Bill Wielechowski filed a bill to back pay PFD's owed Alaskans.  About 37 hundred and 40 dollars.  

    The second bill would enshrine the current PFD formula in the state constitution.

    If passed by a two-thirds vote of each body of the legislature, this resolution would let Alaska voters decide whether to fully protect the PFD through an amendment to the Alaska Constitution.

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