Kodiak could ban painted rocks

    Kodiak, Alaska (KINY) The nationwide craze of painted rock could meet its match with Kodiak.

    The Kodiak State Parks Citizens Advisory Board will discuss whether to ban the painted rocks on February 5th.

    The Kodiak Daily Mirror reported the group received a formal complaint that the rocks left in Ft. Abercrombie should be prohibited because they are considered litter.  State Park officials said painted rocks are not included in the definition of litter but the issue is open to interpretation.

    Painting and hiding rocks is a relatively recent craze across the country. Erica Thompson, a teacher at Peterson Elementary, said she was responsible for bringing the idea to Kodiak.  Her mother was part of the group Skagit County Rocks in Washington state.  Her Facebook page "Kodiak Island Rocks" now has 4,000 followers.

    Local businesses and organizations have also become involved with the rocks by giving away painting starter kits. The Kodiak Arts Council is among the groups involved.

    Thompson said the rocks have been a good learning tool for her class.  They hid a rock during a field trip to Near Island and track the progress.  One of the rocks ended up in Georgia which helped the students with their geography lesson.

    The rocks have been banned in certain National parks.

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