Klawock man sentenced for shooting

    Craig, Alaska (KINY) - Donald Austin, 62, allegedly fired about 75 shots at nine fishermen he thought had killed his cat.

    Austin was convicted of six felony charges and sentenced to 66 months in prison with four years suspended.

    Austin will also serve five years probation.

    Assistant District Attorney Kristian Pickrell prosecuted the case.

    Austin was originally charged with misconduct involving weapons.

    An affidavit from Alaska State Trooper Robert Jensen said the crew was onboard the fishing vessel Patty Lynn on March 28, 2018, when they came under fire.

    Crewmen said the shots were intermittent and lasted for close to two hours.

    The men crawled on their bellies to the wheelhouse for cover to avoid being struck.

    Austin told troopers that he found his cat dead on the beach and assumed a bored fisherman had shot the cat.  He said he used seven different firearms and shot 21 times in retaliation.

    Austin claimed he did not aim at anyone and just shot at Wadleigh Island.

    No one was injured in the incident.

    Judge M. Jude Pate ruled Austin could not go back to Wadleigh Island during March or April each year.

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