Kimberly Street Fire Destroys Home

    Juneau, KINY (KINY) - A fire in the valley ripped through a home and caused a propane tank to explode, but thankfully no one was hurt.

    The home's back deck had caught fire on Kimberly Street, according to a statement from the Fire Marshall, a mother and her daughter had been had apparently been alerted to the fire by their small dog. They did try to fight the fire initially, but the flames got out of hand.

    Fire fighters had been stretched thin during that time, but were able to quickly put out the fire, staying behind to ensure there were no hot spots.

    Resources had been spread throughout the borough and just keeping enough staff to ensure the Kimberly Street fire scene properly checked was a challenge for the department.

    Last week on Action Line, Fire Chief Rich Etheridge said that staffing will likely always be an issue for Juneau.

    "Juneau I don't think will ever be a fully staffed, full-time fire department. We're always going to have a reliance on volunteers. Fire fighting is an expensive venture. Even the full-time fire fighters volunteer for a lot of things outside of their normal duty."

    "There's no way Juneau is going to get away from having volunteers. We have to invest the resources and the energy into keeping that a robust and solid program."

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