Kiehl talks about process for replacing him on Assembly and start of legislative duty

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau Assembly member soon to be Juneau Senator Jesse Kiehl talked about the process to replace him on the local governing body while a guest on Action Line.

    The Assembly meeting as the Human Resources Committee interviewed the seven applicants Thursday evening....

    Kiehl sat in on the interviews and asked questions of the applicants.   He excused himself once the committee went into executive session.. Kiehl says he's anxious and excited to see the committee's recommendation to the full assembly.  When asked for his preference among the seven applicants, Kiehl  says he's not sharing that  with anybody.

    In preparation for the start of his tenure as Juneau's State Senator, Kiehl had a one on one meeting with Governor Dunleavy.   He called it a good meeting.  He says they talked about opportunities to build the economy in Southeast Alaska and places where he thought they could work together and there was talk about future state budgeting.   "He has a pretty different vision of the state budget than I do.  The most critical thing to may way of thinking is what is it you plan for government to stop doing or to start doing."

    Kiehl  underscored the importance of Juneau remaining the state capital.  He  also spoke to the Governor about the need to maintain an effective and cost  efficient government by keeping commissioners and departments in Juneau in the capital city.

    Kiehl says  he will continue to work with the administration on where members of the Governor's cabinet reside.  Kiehl says he's starting to meet with commissioner designees.  They want to talk about their confirmation and Kiehl says he wants to talk to them about where they're going to live and what they plan to do.


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