Kiehl: 3rd special session make no sense unless there's a deal to change PFD formula

    Juneau Senator Jesse Kiehl.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Governor Dunleavy is contemplating another special legislative session, but Juneau Senator Jesse Kiehl thinks that might not be a good idea.

    The Governor has said he will set a date for another special session after the vacancy in the State Senate is filled.

    Dunleavy wants lawmakers to approve a dividend amounting to about $3,000.  "I don't think the votes have changed on a check bigger than we can sustain long term," Kiehl says.   

    He said on Action Line that if the Legislature is willing to change the formula to something sustainable, then it won't have to go through this debate every year.  "But if we can't get to a stable formula, and we can't get any of the most Draconian budget cuts restored, and if the Governor and his people aren't willing to compromise on any of those things, then there aren't going to be the votes for an unsustainable check."

    So Kiehl adds that unless something changes to change the votes, then it doesn't make sense to go to the cost of another special session.


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