Juneau superintendent pans Trump's suggestion to arm teachers

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau School District Superintendent Mark Miller doesn't think much of President Trump's suggestions that calls for teachers to be armed.

    He responded to that idea on Action Line Thursday.  "I don't think the answer is putting more guns in schools.  I think the answer is caring, loving adults supporting, nurturing, and communicating with kids in a way that we get to know them and if you see something, say something."

    The superintendent added, "We're not going to solve this problem, I don't think by putting in more steel doors or putting more guns into schools.  I think we're going to solve it by communicating with kids, but being more aware, by having more services to support kids who are struggling."

    Right now there are two police officers in Juneau schools.  Miller responded to Police Chief Ed Mercer's comment on Wednesday's Action Line  that he would be willing to increase that number once he comes up to full staffing.

    Miller  said the two officers now on duty in the schools are amazing and he said that could absolutely use more of them.  "The more out students know and trust officers and have easy access to them, the safer our schools will be."

    When asked if the local Assembly could help fund additional officers in the school outside of the local cap, Miller said it could.


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