Juneau School Board okays legislative priority list and budget revisions

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Juneau School approved its legislative priorities during its regular meeting this week.

    District Chief of Staff Kristin Bartlett said the board's top priority is the early, adequate, equitable, predictable funding of public education.
    Six other priorities were identified, according to Bartlett.   Those include maintaining the hold harmless provisions that will help school districts adjust to the loss of enrollment related to the pandemic this school year and next school year.

    A variety of other measures were aimed at supporting some of the Board of Education's five-year strategic plan objectives.  Bartlett says those are in areas of achievement, equity, relationships, and partnerships.

    Bartlett said those priorities will be shared with Juneau's legislative delegation during the board's retreat on January 23.

    The board also approved revisions to the current year budget.  Bartlett says those revisions took into account some changes in revenue and expenditures that have occurred since the budget was passed in the Spring.  Those include the recalculation of enrollment with a decrease of 570 students for this year.  Another large change was almost $4 Million in CARES grants from the state and Juneau's local government to help the district respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

    In another action, Bartlett says the board agreed to begin working on some language that they would incorporate into their meetings that would be an indigenous land acknowledgment as an expression of appreciation to the historical indigenous communities.  Work on that matter will begin by the board's policy committee at a meeting later this month, according to Bartlett.


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