Juneau Radio Center hands out $6,505 prize

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Stacey Harper is the winner of Alaska's biggest morning show cash prize.

    The Big Money Secret Sound has been a feature on Juneau's local country station, TAKU 105, since 2007.  Since that time, winners have taken home almost $30,000.  Each weekday, one listener has the opportunity to guess the sound and for every incorrect guess, the jackpot increases by $10.

    On April 12, 2016, a new 'sound' was featured on TAKU 105's Cliff & Sharon Morning Show.  The first listener to play was Patty Moser and little did she-or anyone-know that this mystery Secret Sound would remain unsolved until December 17, 2018.  It took 32 long months of incorrect guesses, but the Secret Sound has finally been correctly guessed by a lucky listener, Stacey Harper.  Stacey stated this is a welcome win in time for the holidays adding, "The biggest thing (she's ever won before) is a fairly inexpensive bottle of wine."  The secret sound that stumped listeners for over two years was the very soft sound of 'tearing a match from a matchbook."

    Sharon Burns, of the Cliff & Sharon Show, says she suspects there will be a lot of face-palming as listeners finally learn the correct answer, "THere will be equal parts groans as listeners recognize what was right before them-and relief as we can finally move on to a brand-new sound."  The secret sound resets Tuesday at $105.  The Cliff & Sharon Show is a nationally syndicated show produced daily in Juneau, Alaska.


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