Juneau Hosts Stop Smoking and Weight Loss Hypnosis Seminar

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - Juneau got a taste of hypnosis therapy on Sunday from Mark Patrick Seminars, LLC.

    We sat in on the session that sought to help attendees stop smoking and then talked with the therapist, John Jayco, afterwards. 

    Jayco first walked everyone through the process of what the actual hypnosis would be like, going over the imagery he was going to be suggesting and the steps involved. Then he went over ways to stick with the act of becoming a non-smoker, as well as some dietary suggestions that help the body process with losing those chemicals from smoking. 

    We asked Jayco to explain the basics of hypnotism. 

    “Basically, you are in a hypnotic state (they use the word hypnosis to kind of make it more magical than it really is) so what it really is that you’re not analyzing, you're just being, focused on what is right in front of you, whatever you're doing.”

    “Meditation is another word for it or deep prayer; we're just using that as a way to guide people into the process, so they can get their mind to get some mastery over what they're trying to accomplish.”

    Jayco talked about all sorts of disorders that can be treated, at least partially, with hypnotism. 

    “I don't want folks to come in with the attitude that that's all they're doing is trying to save money.  It's to become a non-smoker, that's the goal, to be free from fear of failure or free from stress or you can use hypnosis to manage pain.”

    “You can even use hypnosis to manage blood pressure; that's the most documented use of it. Recall and memories for people that have gone through trauma. That part really intrigues me, emotional hurt. That's the new thing, post traumatic stress. To get through it, you have to kind of re-experience it, but in a controlled way and it helps get through that so it's not controlling you you're controlling your reaction to the trauma to get back and get moving forward.”

    “A lot of folks when they get that done are so relieved.”

    Jayco has been doing this type of therapy for over 18 years. We asked him how he got into hypnosis.

    “I used to deal with people that were on meth, crank, coke, alcohol. It wasn't as a treatment, but in a conjunction with trying to get their kids back. I used to work for CPS in a couple of different states and I always got the hard cases. They would often pick the drugs over the kids and things like that.”

    “So I wanted to find something that involved helping people and for those that were open to hypnosis, it worked for them.”

    Through the years, Jayco used a type of hypnotism to treat cancer patients for pain. 

    “I had some cancer patients, I got called in and I did what we call a creative visualization class. In this particular state, use the word hypnosis and they think you're talking about messing with your mind or whatever, so there was a lot of phobia and concern about that. So people were looking at, ‘Oh, I can create and visualize and imagine stuff’ and it was a hypnosis.” 

    “They were outpatients for cancer, they couldn't take more pain meds for the cancer pain, so anything that they could use to help modify the reaction to what they were suffering from was open.”

    “Those are the most open patients I ever worked with, because of the fact that they really had a lot to gain by going to the class.”

    We then asked Jayco to recount a vivid moment from his career. 

    “This man had went to the seminar (I think it was in Lufkin, Texas) he was retired and ran a bunch of chicken restaurants in the area. His wife came back six months later and said, ‘I don't know what you did, but now my husband is only on one medication compared to almost ten. He has lost like sixty plus pounds. Wearing new clothes now, has a new lease on life. Oh my gosh.’”

    “I said, ‘Wow, congratulations.’ She had thanked me and I said, ‘No, thank you for letting me know that he was ready to get control of his life finally and not just manage a condition, but improve it.’”

    “I love stories like that.”

    Whether it's trying to quit smoking or exercise more, this type of therapy is all about mental control. 

    “We have the control within, between our two ears, and I think that if we put our minds to it, we can succeed beyond our wildest dreams, if we choose it.”

    “You can overcome mind over matter; it's true.” 

    There was a weight loss seminar earlier that day. We can also attest that there was no clucking like a chicken or levitation in the presentation, just some music while the therapist talked. Whether the therapy worked is up to what the person receiving it does next. 

    Both the stop smoking and weight loss seminars will be coming to Sitka on Tuesday, as well as Ketchikan on Thursday. More information can be found on their website

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